Some examples of our recent work

Roger Williams Park “Bandstand”


Repair Services


Waterproofing for a church / gymnasium in Cranston, RI



New epoxy in a Safety Yellow for a manufacturer in Foxboro Mass



Epoxy in mechanical room floor



epoxy flooring

This is a courthouse in Newport

Aluminum Oxide with epoxy onto the steps to create much better traction. Non Slip/Safety traction strips

Non Slip on Granite Steps

This is a clean up to granite steps with old paint, we cleaned and then installed those black strips, for very good grip or slip protection.



Soap company in Rhode Island

Paint metal step treads



Concrete Stair Repair, before and after




Epoxy floor in a garage, before and after

Kitchen floor before and after epoxy floor coating


Walkway before and after concrete repair

Transformer concrete pad before and after concrete repair


Warehouse traffic markings at a large manufacturing plant, Warwick RI

Hiring Experienced

Freezer floor project at a manufacturer of Pizza Crusts (Before & After)

The floor had many broken patches and degraded concrete surfaces, which made state mandatory cleaning and transport of pallet packs very difficult.
We have replaced the concrete/patches and put in a polyurethane epoxy flooring. This type of material is designed for thermally and mechanically stressed floors.
Epoxy Flooring

Shower Stall Repair at a Local College (Before & After)

This type of shower is typically found in older dormitories where the bases have been broken. This may result in feet injuries, unsanitary conditions, and water damage that can affect the ceilings below the showers. For this project, we have removed and grounded all the damaged material to make a higher quality seal around the base of the shower.

Concrete damage at an airport garage, RI (Before & After)

For this project, we cut out the damaged concrete and used high strength/fast setting Sika 1000 mortar concrete repair.


Metals distributor warehouse epoxy floor install (Before & After)

Asphalt Drain Repair, Public Storage Yard RI (Before & After)

We do NOT install Asphalt but we do repair it with a tar based epoxy. With asphalt, there are a few issues with drainage and breaking down metal. We have found most issues arise from longer drains at storage facilities. For this project, we put in the epoxy in the damaged area surrounding the drain.  This not only locks it into place but protects the drain from degrading the way asphalt would. In comparison, the material holds a darker color and is exceptionally stronger.

Dock bumper installation, Lincoln RI (Before & After)

Due to constant impacts and failed fasteners, their dock bumpers were falling off. For this project, we removed all the damaged areas and replaced them with high-strength concrete. Additionally, we installed high-impact steel-covered rubber dock bumpers and high-strength fasteners. That’s why the new bumpers will be able to withstand much more impact than the old ones.
Concrete Repairs

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