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Rhode Island Repair specializes in applying epoxy flooring for residents in RI area. Epoxy flooring is a smooth process for us to install, easy to keep clean, and can be made to be slip-resistant and chemical resistant. It is an ideal flooring for industrial, manufacturing, large kitchens, basements, garages, patios, pool decks, or any other concrete floor that is regularly exposed to moisture, mold, or spills. Epoxy flooring in RI is also perfect for commercial spaces such as showrooms, retail space, or office floors.


There are several advantages to having epoxy flooring. Not only are these floors incredibly easy to maintain, but they can even be used on concrete floors that may have small cracks or other imperfections. Epoxy floor installers in RI may not be able to fix a heavily damaged concrete or stone floor, but it can smooth out minor imperfections and make a dull or rough concrete floor look and feel like new.

Types of Epoxy Flooring

There are many different types of epoxy floor coatings, and each has a different application and purpose. It is important to know what is right for your needs before you decide which kind of flooring to install in your business. You can always contact our RI epoxy floor installers to learn more about which option is right for you, but this handy guide should help you with your decision.

Solid Color Epoxy

Standard and economical coatings for floors. Withstands heavy traffic, continual washing, chemical attack. Good for warehouse, manufacturing, institutional areas where a very durable and low maintenance floor is needed. This is a standard economical coating for most concrete floors. It can withstand heavy traffic, continual washing, and chemical spills. They are perfect for spaces such as warehouses, factories, and institutional spaces where a very durable and low-maintenance floor is needed.

Decorative Epoxy

Beautiful multicolored floors with multicolored sand or flakes. Used in garages, locker rooms, institutional showers and rest room areas etc. These floors are easier to maintain and keep clean. This is a beautiful floor that is made with multicolored sand or flakes to give your floor a more colorful appearance. It is often used in garages, locker rooms, institutional showers and restrooms, but its aesthetic appeal also lends itself well to living rooms, large basements, or commercial office floors. As with solid color epoxy floors, decorative epoxy is easy to maintain and keep clean

Chemical Resistant Epoxy

For commercial kitchens, food or chemical process areas, animal care etc. As its name implies, this type of epoxy flooring is intended to resist chemical spills. It is often used in commercial kitchens, food and chemical processing areas, spaces used for animal care, and any other space that might be prone to chemical spills and stains.

Clean Room Floor

Meets a high standard of cleanliness. Smooth, dust free, and easily cleanable. These floors are used in spaces that need to adhere to a higher level of cleanliness. They are smooth, dust-resistant, and very easy to clean.

Conductive or ESD Flooring

Will meet the standard of conductivity that you need. For manufacturing and safety purposes. Conductive or ESD flooring is designed to meet the standard of conductivity that you need for manufacturing and safety purposes.

Moisture Barriers MVT

Coatings to withstand high moisture vapor transmission. Can be used prior to tile and other installations or under an epoxy installation. This epoxy is a coating designed to withstand high moisture vapor transmission. It is often combined with other kinds of epoxy flooring and can be applied prior to other types of flooring such as tile or laminate.

Specialty Flooring

In edition to standard epoxy coating, we provide polyaspartic, polyurethane cement, urethane, and non-slip coatings. In addition to these standard epoxy coatings, we can provide polyaspartic, polyurethane cement, urethane, and non-slip coatings. Contact us for more information about the kinds of specialty epoxy floorings we can install in your home or business.

Our RI epoxy flooring installers can apply an epoxy flooring to practically any business and/or building in Rhode Island. Not only is our decorative epoxy beautifully colorful, but our clean room and solid color epoxy is perfect for retail and manufacturing businesses of all kinds. Take a look below at some of our previous projects for some examples of our work, and don’t hesitate to contact us if you ever need epoxy flooring in RI for your home or business.

New epoxy in a Safety Yellow for a manufacturer in Foxboro Mass



Epoxy in mechanical room floor



epoxy flooring

Metals distributor warehouse epoxy floor install (before & after)



Freezer floor project at a manufacturer of Pizza Crusts (Before & After)

The floor had many broken patches and degraded concrete surfaces, which made state mandatory cleaning and transport of pallet packs very difficult. We have replaced the concrete/patches and put in a polyurethane epoxy flooring. This type of material is designed for thermally and mechanically stressed floors.



Epoxy Flooring

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