We specialize in the following types of concrete repair:

  • Exterior steps or walkways repair
  • Step nosings
  • Pool aprons repair and coating
  • Pitted concrete resurfacing
  • Vertical and overhead concrete repairs
  • Rocking Slabs ( especially where forklifts hit the edges)
  • Uneven Slabs repair
  • Self Leveling floors installation
  • Pitch or re-pitch floors to your specs
  • Expansion and control joint repairs
  • Dustproofing
  • Crack injections and repairs
  • Grouting under slabs
  • Grouting equipment
  • Leakage floor to floor correction

Bandstand Repairs to Concrete wall cap ( Coping stone ) Images below.

  • Repair to the deck, then the pitching of the deck. Then the coating of the deck, all with special Sika products
  • After the deck was done…on another phase…we did the repairs to the cap stone, the steps etc. then we did a special Kiem Coating for concrete on the surfaces you see in the photo.
  • Back to the capstone, that was a destroyed capstone, and we actually created a former, and made a mold of good areas of the capstone. Then we took the mold to our shop and we cast new pieces of concrete capstone.
  • Then to finalize we took to site and installed those new capstones.

Concrete repair and Carbon fiber stitching

  • This is an old slab in a mezzanine and they cannot do new concrete
  • The cracks were leaking water thru on top of equipment.
  • So we did the stitching to hold the cracks from moving and leaking with equipment movement, then once the floor slab was stabilized we did an epoxy floor coating.

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