Nestled in the heart of Johnston, Rhode Island, Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille has become a beloved gathering place for locals seeking a warm and welcoming dining experience. This family-owned establishment offers a combination of delicious comfort food, friendly service, and a lively atmosphere that keeps patrons coming back for more. With its commitment to quality ingredients, community engagement, and a relaxed ambiance, Morin’s has become a go-to destination for both residents and visitors.

A Taste of Comfort:

Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille is renowned for its delectable comfort food offerings. The menu features a range of classic American dishes that are sure to satisfy any craving. From mouthwatering burgers and juicy steaks to flavorful pasta dishes and hearty sandwiches, Morin’s caters to a variety of tastes. Each dish is crafted with care and attention to detail, resulting in a dining experience that is both comforting and satisfying. More

Local Ingredients, Local Pride:

Morin’s takes pride in using locally sourced ingredients whenever possible, supporting the community and showcasing the flavors of Rhode Island. The restaurant’s commitment to freshness and quality shines through in every bite. From locally caught seafood to farm-fresh produce, each dish at Morin’s reflects the essence of the region and highlights the talent of local producers.

Lively Atmosphere:

Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille offers a lively and welcoming atmosphere that is perfect for gathering with friends and family. The spacious dining area and inviting bar provide ample space for patrons to relax, enjoy a meal, and socialize. The friendly staff adds to the ambiance, ensuring that guests feel right at home from the moment they step through the door. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion, catching up with friends, or simply unwinding after a long day, Morin’s provides the perfect backdrop for a memorable dining experience.

Live Entertainment and Events:

Adding to its vibrant atmosphere, Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille frequently hosts live entertainment and events that add an extra element of excitement to the dining experience. From live music performances to trivia nights and karaoke, there is always something happening at Morin’s. These events foster a sense of community and create a lively and engaging environment for patrons to enjoy.

Engagement with the Community:

Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille is deeply rooted in the local community and actively supports various charitable initiatives and local organizations. The restaurant takes pride in giving back to the community that has embraced it so warmly. Whether it’s hosting fundraisers, participating in local events, or sponsoring community programs, Morin’s demonstrates a strong commitment to making a positive impact on Johnston and its surrounding areas.


Morin’s Hometown Bar & Grille stands as a testament to the power of great food, warm hospitality, and community engagement. Located in Johnston, Rhode Island, this family-owned establishment has become a cherished local favorite, offering a comforting and delicious dining experience. From its mouthwatering comfort food to its lively atmosphere and commitment to community involvement, Morin’s provides a place where friends, families, and neighbors can come together to enjoy a delightful meal and create lasting memories. Next Article

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